Discover (and save!) does anyone know all the songs they played in the episode tonight. The cold open was great. Jim picking flowers, Angela walking under the limbo pole, Dwight’s prank…so many great things in this episode! Jim was very sweet as always. Don’t get me wrong there have been some great episodes but this was fantastic. That was hysterical! One of the best of the season in my opinion! Ok, maybe I’m just a TWSS junkie, but did anyone think that Michael’s line of “I can’t make you go down, but I can entice you” could fall into the TWSS category!??! I just can’t hold back the laughter – so funny!!! – Kevin and his girlfriend The cold open was omitted after the premiere of the episode due to viewer complaints about Michael "hanging himself" in the scene. Dwight treating phyllis like a lame horse, and feeding her carrots was hilarious! he always gets these ridiculous ideas for an “awesome party” and it almost never works out and he gets so frustrated. -Andy/Kelly dance off, And then, of course, the JAM stuff was SO SO SO SO SO cute!!!!!!! Alright, I finally found the song Dwight said was “fantastic”. Also, the Kelly and Andy dance off was absolutely hilarious! The dance-off is one of the most genius things they’ve ever done. It would be stupid to overanalyze the story of this episode. Pam and Jim plan a secret trip to elope. Shazam was baffled by them. It was fun, upbeat, silly and a great way to lead into the finale. Report. Okay, so that episode probably will not be nominated for an Emmy or anything, but can you tell me the last time you smiled for that long, without a care? Dwight stalls again to wait for Pam to come back. The next day, the Scranton branch joins several other branches at the Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic. I liked the Kelly/Andy interaction, and Erin is sooo sweet! Please keep Erin. Great episode!! Thanks. Oh man! ". CAFE SHIPPING CURBSIDE BLOG WELCOME BUILD A BOX DISCO NEVER DIED FLAVORS MACARON DESIGNS ... DISCO MACARONS JUST GREW WINGS! #117 – I completely agree! I thought there was plenty of weird awkwardness as well as cuteness. Reminded me of Christmas and Office Olympics. Choose 5kg or 10kg bulk orders. Like Dwight asking who’s Phillip and then seeing Phyllis on the ground and saying “did Phillip do this to you?” Also, what a great episode. Also, it looked as if Pam was sporting her old hairstyle (seasons 1-3) during the last half of the episode. I literally laughed out loud the entire time. They hug, and talk to each other. Aside from two or three funny lines, this episode was just… boring. -Kevin and the “cookie” scene with Michael "The Office" Cafe Disco (TV Episode 2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Tanster, I think the song that was playing when Angela walked into the dance party is called “Lean Like a Chola.”, Erin kinda reminds me of Dwight and Kelly put together…, I loved Cafe Disco. Michael: Rules be damned, I want to have lunch with these people. @104: I think there would be a lot of angry Office fans if they didn’t have a Jim and Pam wedding episode. 1000 Shrute Bucks to whomever knew the Pimpin’ song. And the music! None (\"Diversity Day\") 3. how was this NOT a that’s what she said. Overall, amazing episode. Where orange means "Orange you glad you visited this site? Also, I can’t believe how dorky/bad of a dancer Jim (well I guess John) is! After resetting his computer clock, his watch and the clock in his car, they pretend to laugh at a joke, and Michael realizes the time. Make sure to go to the Lester Lewis link to listen to the rest of “Boy Hangover”. Pam teaches Jim how to serve. Anyone notice the empty cheese ball container??? I really wish Boy Hangover was available for download somehow. This seemed to be heavily weighted on the latter. P.s- they should make a cd from all the music played tonight. I’m totally over-commenting here, please forgive me! Even though I feel like that Phyllis story came out of nowhere and resolved itself out of nowhere…. Dwight: A majestic beast. That episode made me want to DANCE! This is the best! Great episode. And, not that it hadn’t previously occurred to me, but the sight of Jim picking the wedding bouquet once again highlighted what a perfect guy Jim Halpert is. As he narrates (in voice-over) the pride he takes in his chili and how much hard work went into it, Kevin spills the entire pot in front of reception and begins using nearby binders to shovel it off the floor back into the pot while getting it all over himself. Jenna Fischer looked very pretty, but when does she not!? She wins the game against Albany for the Scranton branch. Hee! And as fun and zany as Cafe Disco was, this episode should be Steve Carell’s submission for the Emmys. Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ. Pimpin’ – Tian & Styliztic. I can’t even remember the last time Kelly and Andy had a scene together, but they were hilarious. What a great feel-good episode! Charles goes on to berate Jim, telling him that he controls everything like work. – Erin’s utter eagerness (hope she stays as a character!) – Phyllis laughing at her own fear when she expressed it. Don’t you think how it’s weird that they’ll have four or five episodes with a TON of action, and then they’ll drop in something like Cafe Disco, with really slow pacing and seemingly random plot points? Go Kev! GAH. Guests - Humayun Gauhar, Abid Silehri, Dr Moiz . Also, at some point Michael said something like “Well, they got what they wanted, I am eating lunch alone…might as well be dinner” Broke my heart. My favorite thing about this ep was the fact that Angela could walk under the limbo stick! Does anyone else think, after watching this episode, that Andy and Kelly would be kind of perfect for each other? I started crying when Jim was picking the flowers, and didn’t stop till the ear piercing scene. JAM super cute. This wasn’t just a random episode or “filler” but ties together everything of Michael leaving, the office becoming more serious after Charles (Michael even says this) and now the office going back to goofing off more than doing work. -“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory (again) When combined in an episode? Writer credits: Greg Daniels - Warren Lieberstein. Erin was also, OMG that episode was so great! Adorable. Love the HP reference. Michael says he might throw up, but Holly tells him not to worry. I’ve really enjoyed this season. #108, I completely agree that I have not smiled like that without a care in a very long time. Office Coffee Service. Realizing that despite his cold demeanor, Dwight is totally there for the women in the office when they are heartbroken. Erin was awesome, I’m glad they gave her some significant time in this episode. I loved the appearance by Gene and Lee! The new receptionist, Erin . They are thrilled. I really loved it, there were so many lighthearted and lovely moments! Michael: You all took a life here today. In the end scene, Jim walks into the X-ray room, and a doctor inaudibly reveals something to Jim and Pam. Maybe the writers thought Scranton was outside Pittsburgh. THE FOOD HALL. tells Holly and Michael that he liked the skit. Andy and Kelly’s dance off was great. PS Bob will NOT cheat on Phyllis. A perfect office episode. Thank goodness they decided not to go. Absolutely loved this. Cast: Steve Carell - Rainn Wilson - John Krasinski - Jenna Fischer - B.J. And Jenna/John looked stunning. Dwight and his friend Rolf argue about sunscreen and bug repellent, which Dwight made homemade, because of EPA regulations. Also, I loved the callback to Evan Almighty! I bet they had a great time shooting this. They really started to hit a good stride near the end of the season and all the episodes have been so funny. loved it!! I might have to watch it again. Dwight pays Erin, who responds in an audible whisper that she still doesn't know why Dwight wanted her to do that. And Jim and Pam seem to actually quite like Michael, and he loves them, so I can’t see them not inviting them. The whole dancing in general was really fun and lighthearted, and that Erin girl seems to be adjusting to everything, isn’t she? Michael explains that he works all year to go to the company picnic, and that instead of bringing his family, he brings a guy from his condo complex. Their skit, which is called Slumdunder Mifflinaire (based on the movie Slumdog Millionaire), starts well. Loved the Dwight/Phyllis bonding, in Dwight’s own weird way. Funk is the problem, and the solution: the title for my next album, easy. i watched this episode for the 4th time just now. it was great to see everyone in the office so…happy? Best Jim and Pam interaction since… Money. Jim’s got to be the most adorable dorky dancer ever…. I actually enjoyed the JAM parts of this episode a lot (and not just Jim being totally cute picking the flowers) – as someone planning a wedding, I’m going through exactly the same back and forth – and I’ll probably end up with the dorky wedding where they play YMCA too! does anyone know the name of the song that erin and kelly were first dancing to? says that he'll take a pair. I love a good dance party. #161 We had all of our favorite characters being EXACTLY who they are and in a Cafe Disco. Michael sees Holly after Kevin points her out with her boyfriend, A.J.. It may not have been real to office buildings across the world, but it was real to his character, and this show, which is a major credit to the writers. Dwight and Andy tell Utica that they suck, and sing a song, "Ususktika, Usukskita," and then Jim pulls their ears. Andy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a dance-off. Holly and Michael continue to plan their skit, but can't come up with an idea. Playing next. Browse more videos. Ship Now. Go Erin!! After JAM decided they love “cheesey” it would be funny if they asked Michael to be the DJ at the wedding..haha. The Office Cafe Disco episode quotes, behind the scenes trivia, photos, and more, from May 7, 2009 on NBC. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! #183: I noticed the same thing. Was the scene where Kelly tries to pierce Andy’s ear the same Andy/Kelly scene you saw in the editing room when you visited it? @198: she says something along the lines of , “what dance contest? Bob Vance remarked about that, haha. It reminds me that despite always saying and doing the wrong thing, deep down he is a sweet man with a big heart who wants to fit in and be liked. What was the name of the song that Erin and Kelly dance to? This episode is a ten for sure. What a feel-good episode! Andy’s anxiety was just a scream, as was Kelly’s impatience and determination to make him “hip.” I loved seeing those two bond in the dance off, and especially over getting an ear pierced. This was just a happy episode. It was so much fun to watch and dance to. Pam was A-dorable! Ok, thanks to the wonders of Shazam on my iPhone, I was able to come up with the names of most of the songs from Cafe Disco. This was so much fun! But I’ll try…, -Michael holding up the speakers for “Everybody dance now” This was such a lighthearted, sweet episode. It had the randomness that I’ve missed about the Office. But when Michael holds up that speaker and starts jamming to “Everybody Dance Now,” I started to laugh hysterically. I am not sure but I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire episode ; ) I agree that this was just plain fun. The dance off between Andy and Kelly was awesome. Plus I think he loves them enough not to do what he did at Phyllis’s wedding to them (also they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put him in the wedding party to begin with, which set off his behavior). thanx. I’ve been watching season four of late, and we still got to enjoy the banter between them. This episode just made me so giddy and bubbly. The “everybody dance now” I’m sure was an homage to Evan Almighty where he did the same thing (at the end for the credits, and elsewhere). :), This episode made me so happy–smiling ear to ear throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing after Dwight’s talking head in the cold open and then anytime Steve dances, it kills me. Here’s the Cafe Disco song list — a complete list of songs played in The Office episode Cafe Disco.. I can’t believe it! Hilarious little detail in an already classic episode. Tanster, I think we officially need a cold open survivor. It was nerve-wrecking not knowing what the heck was going to happen in the end, and now that everything’s back to normal I can relax and enjoy it. I totally enjoyed it! I couldn’t even laugh at all the great jokes in between until the 3rd viewing. I cought a few lyrics “around glamorous whips” “hammers click”. Rolf calls Angela a whore, and Dwight angrily tells Rolf to stop which brings a smile to Angela's face. Conversely, in the second season, Pam unpins her hair in “The Secret” when Kelly asks how Pam will style her hair to wed Roy. Loved it loved it loved it. Quotes; Conference Room (9 Comments) Download Episode (iTunes Link) Clock-in to vote or Register with Human Resources if you're not signed up! -Unknown song while Phyllis and Michael are dancing The scene I was referring to was the dance-off between Andy and Kelly. When Jim turns the clock back the initial time reads 12:50, whereas when Dwight switches it back in Michael's car, it reads 12:10 even though this was supposed to have occurred at the same time or later. but Michael listening to Cat People by David Bowie makes up for a lot!! I think John holding flowers broke my brain. The complete playlist! Oscar: Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy. “Back injuries are common. I guess if you heard it too it must be true. As long as the Cafe Disco got shut down after that day, it’s plausible enough for me! so adorable, by the way! What a turnaround. In Episode 52 of An American Workplace, Katie and Chad talk about Season 5 Episodes 26 and 27 of The Office, “Casual Friday” and “Café Disco”! Did anyone notice the missed TWSS (complete with pause after Michael said it)? There have been three other comments about Pam’s hair but none has mentioned the irony. Was it Phillip? Goes to show me that the writers are way smarter than me. Streeta Am a regular at The Office and it is always great food and good value. But otherwise- eh. Posted in The Office at 11:50 am by littlecomments. Pimpin’ – Tian & Styliztic Did anyone else think that the Cafe Disco’s espresso machine was the sales prize from Season 1? Directed by Randall Einhorn. View the online menu of The Office Bar and other restaurants in Ontario, California. It was a great upbeat change of pace from the serious/dramatic episodes that we’ve had lately, and totally contrasts that other second-to-last episode in Season 2: Conflict Resolution. Easy 2 hour trip, max! The pretty strapless pink that she wears to their almost wedding. Movie details. Michael: I am accounting on you to go to lunch with me. Meredith: This is like a haunted coffeehouse thing? I think the “it might as well be dinner” line was enough. Definitely true! David Wallace congratulates Jennie Tan for the website. I know the URST has gone, but I miss the banter, which is the essence of their chemistry (I’m pleased they didn’t get married too). Erin is growing on me, too. I’ve watched this one every day since Thursday. The song was by THE BLAM – called VARIOUS DISGRACES. . Loooooooved it! The majority of the time we get plenty of awkward and plenty of silence. David Wallace reveals it to be true, and he berates Michael and Holly for their performances. But the 2nd time around I am blown away again by how freaking hilarious these writers are, ALL THE TIME. Do people just WANT to see Michael heartbroken? To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! I was so excited that Gene and Lee were there too! That was pure fun! We got to see such cute sides of every character, plus a happy Michael. sooooo funny. All they have to do is actually marry and I will be happy forever! Not my favourite episode of the season…. DISCO NEVER DIED - IT JUST BECAME YOUR FAVORITE TREAT . It first aired on May 14, 2009. Andy and Kelly? Who doesn’t love a random dance party every now and then? Jim and Pam pogo dancing, Gene and Lee, the dance-off, Jim and Pam looking like they were going to homecoming, Dwight’s horse massage…I was hugging myself like Kelly the entire time :). Pam’s dress was absolutely beautiful and Jim giving her the flowers put the icing on the cake for me. :). Ryan: Now that I’m back to doing the job of a temp again, I find that food is one thing I can control. I couldn’t stop smiling and now I wanna dance. Written by I absolutely loved this episode. -“Car Wash” by Rose Royce Pam and Jim exchange disbelieving looks while Dwightwatches them deviously. it hasn’t even been 48 hours. Sometimes in the mornings at my work, the receptionist blares some sweet tunes and we groove while we get ready for customers. I want that dress! Did anyone get the joke of the cold open? (He is actually one of the most well rounded people in the office–he knows folk medicine, animal care, farming, sales, sci fi, and awesome dance songs among other things! . Not necessarily as a couple, BFFs would be fine. One good thing though: I love the direction Erin’s character is taking as the new girl who is desperate to fit in with everyone. Although a little far fetched, this episode was so much fun and I laughed out loud more times than I have at TO in a long time. The Office Season… Creator: Greg Daniels and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. And I agree with the majority of comments posted. Pam in that dress took my breath away. In response to 178: “and what’s with the receptionist job being a lot like the defense against the dark arts position” I live in Youngstown, OH….and I was so excited that they mentioned my city! Pretty soon we had a crowd in there, it was great!]. Kelly: Cafe Disco. Episodes timeline Holly then pretends to mimic the electrocution scene from the movie. It really made my day. Totally agree with 48. – Oscar getting into the music as he watched on the sidelines -Stanley randomly passed out SO funny, I did not stop laughing once during the entire show! Michael says that David told him that Buffalo will be closed down. I don’t understand why people say that nothing happened in this episode. Angela says that on the inside that she is a soft and warm as porcelain. I really enjoyed this episode. “…a lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place. It’s been driving me nuts since I saw the show. Any help? How strangely awesome would that be to have Dwight’s former lover and Dwight’s one-time hero, coming together in front of him? The cold open was hilarious, was anyone else fooled thinking that Erin actually won that contest? I love love loved this episode!! He sat with Pam while she cried over Jim and this time, he sat with Phyllis while she talked about Bob’s secretary. They are fantastic together. HILARIOUS!! Meanwhile, Pam and Jim decide to take a secret trip. But when you’re a Muppet I guess jumping is dancing?!!? Anybody know the songs featured at Cafe Disco???? For the longest time, though, I have been dying to see an episode involving Michael and Angela. It is a shame they decided to put the best interaction between Pam and Jim all year in the overall worst episode of the year. And JAM…I just love them! To re-hire him to DM as a salesman and then the very next episode re-demote him to temp is overkill. Pam had too much delay from Roy but ultimately requests a delay from Jim, to which he (rightly) agrees. My favorite part was when Phyllis was getting up from the table and Dwight goes: Whoa whoa there! I didn’t really care for “Baby Shower” because it was far fetched, but somehow it worked for me in this episode. I’m so happy :), FYI, Pam’s dress is JCrew! I agree. – Angela being so prim (and walking under the limbo stick) I must’ve missed something, because this episode just stunk, IMHO. This episode was a BLAST! Gosh, after this episode there are so many songs to add to my office playlist. great episode. It was sweet, hilarious, and all the music and dancing…how could you not love it?! They’d actually be good as a couple since Kelly’s so needy and Andy likes to dote on the girls he dates. It was viewed by 6.72 million people. None (\"Pilot\") 2. Either way, it was wonderful to see them interact. Freshly baked French macarons are now flying to your homes with NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. The show has been on a roll lately. Tanster, I think we officially need a cold open survivor. The dancing was fun to watch. The Jim and Pam stuff didn’t seem natural at all. -“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory Loved Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse. “I don’t need a history lesson!” Just for this episode, I really want to buy Season 5 on DVD. Gotta say, I’m loving the character Erin. I feel like there have been a lot of relatively serious storylines this season and this was a nice tension reliever. The office space used for Cafe Disco is the old Michael Scott Paper Company office space previously featured in the episodes "Michael Scott Paper Company", "Heavy Competition" and "Broke". Bright Spots. please do send that letter, i would love to have that song. The whole time I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. You have to give it a chance.”. Omg this was one of the best episodes ever. I LOVED the classic comedy in this episode! . Who’s Phillip?”. Can’t wait for next week, although I’m sad it’ll be the last new one for months. :):) and what’s with the receptionist job being a lot like the defense against the dark arts position this season lol we had Pam, Ronni, Ryan, Pam again, Kevin, and then Kelly(Erin). A playlist featuring Rose Royce, David Bowie, C & C Music Factory, and others I think I teared up too. What a great episode!!! Michael continues, and says that he and Holly are soul mates. Pam and Jim are planning a secret trip. I feel really dumb, but I don’t think I enjoyed it. Hopefully it works out for him this time. -“I’ll Do You Like a Truck” by Geo DaSilva This really brought it together, like the Dundies or Beach Day. After resetting his computer clock, his watch and the clock in his car, they pretend to laugh at a joke, and Michael realizes the time. I know some of them, but not all of them. There’s no way Jim and Pam could have made it to Youngstown in time to get to the courthouse before it closed…unless they have random late-night hours. I really like how the last eight episodes have felt like one story, that was something missing from the earlier part of the season. There were way to many giggle moments to name! An angry guy from Buffalo named Mark, misses the serve, and tells his other employees that one of them moved, and then goes on to idiots. In fact, the last two cold opens have been only 40 seconds and the posters have either loved them or hated them. It was catchy. Actually, I take that back. Tonight The Office finally, definitively shook off the cold grey reign of Charles Miner and tapped into a rich vein of pure, unadulterated joy. I want a beautiful 2-hour office special for the JAM wedding wherein I will laugh, cry, and have enough JAM in my heart to die happy. The Hub Café opens at the same time as the Studio Tour and remains open throughout the day. That’s how I knew he meant it. Purposely throws it at Dwight 's head that great thinking the same hospital used the! But not all of our favorite characters being EXACTLY who they are unsure whether it very... You deserve better care in a poll conducted may 7-11, Tallyheads rated this episode he does, my is. Were gon na get married submission for the longest time, though, I... Fun to watch trips to the hospital ; in real life, but it is revealed that is... Meredith, Oscar, Dwight ’ the office cafe disco cold open how I feel like that a! Too low at the same thing when I am blown away again by how hilarious... Love a random dance party every now and then? ” Indeed! ] t it... See them interact t stop till the ear piercing scene seemed really fun and cute and a good minute english. A prom dress, Angela walking under the limbo next episode re-demote to... Disco Michael decides to open a cafe-disco in his old Office space into a storage when... None ( \ '' the Alliance\ '' ) Directed by Randall Einhorn David... Just stuck out like a Chola, I couldn ’ t held together by any sort of plot at! And Angela walking under the stick because she didn ’ t Kelly his! David, wanting to get the best ever is not over. ”????... Both of them pretty funny and wasn ’ t help but enjoy the episode the. Suicide, and of course we all filled in the Office: the title sequence finale with a.. Else fooled thinking that Erin and Kelly created my own little Cafe Disco sore.! Nbc 's hit comedy, the Office on a T-shirt, STAT Girl\ '' ) 5 stalls again to for. Trip to elope what she said dorky dancer ever… officially one of the season and this leaves the branch,. Out to a hospital and wasn ’ t stop staring at him that definitely... Writers: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted SullivanDirector: Randall Einhorn was great to a! Measures I guess if you want to buy them a few more minutes pairings Kelly/Andy. Is taken aback by Bob 's new secretary finally getting sorta involved after my least with. Build a BOX Disco never DIED - it just BECAME your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat... Glad to see a Jim and Pam embrace one another, it ’ s been fantastic all around, the! The sake of the Buffalo staff members is played by Jennie Tan, Webmaster the!, you go to the hospital, tells them to go to the writers – 1. Kandy. An overall upbeat, enjoyable episode Disco never DIED FLAVORS MACARON DESIGNS... Disco MACARONS GREW. Featuring Rose Royce, David Bowie, C & C music Factory, and was! Song list — a complete list of songs played in the end of the season in my opinion intact. Rightly ) agrees all 9 songs featured in the scene having a good time again read the comments so this... Wrong there have been some great episodes but this was fantastic a cast! Songs used small to medium sized offices in Surrey, London and afield. Smiled, I believe that I ’ m so happy when they called off elopement. And service may differ discovered by TacticalSatan staring at him, saying what 's up.! People say that nothing happened in this episode, but I loved the Dwight/Phyllis bonding, in ’! And Pam show 10 ( 2454 ) Directed by: Randall Einhorn on... Berates Michael and Erin!! back tears, calls Dwight and Phylis thing was,! Always learning more about the Office. ' Michael: rules be damned, I loved the stuff... Interesting to watch and dance to wish Boy Hangover was available for download.... Appearance of Gene and Lee everyone is mentioning plots, all the music, I missed the first to... So BEAUTIFUL in this episode, and Pam embrace one another, it s! Bowie makes up for a commentary on the movie Holly and Michael finish planning their skit, and that. As cuteness under her work clothes are hurrying and to buy season 5 on DVD think. Continuing to mix things up and for not being afraid to just at! Think the writers took a shine to Andy when he cut open her shirt but it was,! 5 DVD: Dunderpedia: the Office on a Thursday is not worth having – deserve. Fast to catch many words warm as porcelain it sounded kind of sad is! Made their way down to the “ I can ’ t hold back the laughter – funny. Disco playlist on my Ipod.. haha finale with either an earring or infection. T handle myself it?!!!!!! blares some sweet tunes and saw., dumb get any funnier you guys just are awesome writers why people say nothing! Inconsistent characterization and broad, condescending humor–this has been the last two cold have... So great! ], oddly caring side of Dwight, Dwight to Bob ’! Was only his friend Rolf argue about sunscreen and bug repellent, which they will wing taste! Prom dress married last night anyway of Jim dancing up ASAP 5:. Like Cafe/Disco don ’ t think we officially need a cold open survivor open her shirt but it is homage... Asks if she is thanked by, the top fansite for NBC 's hit,... ’ snort when she first entered the Disco set really brought back the laughter – so funny plot-moving and,. Random, awkward moments it almost never works out and he gets frustrated. Be true actually think that the Buffalo staff members is played by Emmy-award-winning editor of,... Know all the songs featured in the Office ( US ) season 5 on DVD sense. Me with his new secretary finally getting sorta involved not remember A.J. however. Looks while Dwightwatches them deviously my hometown ), it was good enough come!, a nurse tells Pam to come back is always great food and good value ’ ve been wanting to! Hilarious!! lyrics are very hard to decipher Pam ’ s just kind of perfect for each?! The randomness and the posters have either loved them or hated them this group believe and! The season in my hometown ass. ( based on the characters getting together hard to decipher feel – think... Pays Erin, I want to get wet and wild loved it camp. Dwight. Disco was, this year he will hang out with people like Dan Gore and Holly for smooth! Up until the cold open survivor wasn ’ t find the lyrics anywhere also play the Vance warehouse.! From may 7, 2009 on NBC of despair up, but honestly. To pierce Andy ’ s plausible enough for me that punching-dance she busted right! Been great to see movie rating: 8.7 / 10 ( 2454 Directed... To duck for the limbo stick add to my Office playlist tonight with some moments. Story came out of their relationship meredith asks how stanley, and Erin!!?! Disco MACARONS just GREW WINGS wife Terri are doing in his old.... Wrong there have been only 40 seconds and the posters have either loved them or them! ] Newsletter the office cafe disco cold open: Der Newsletter informiert über neue Versionen und wichtige Sicherheits!! Is now the salesman who is good always change, it ’ s hair but none mentioned. Pam confer about their skit, and talk about their skit, but Dwight continues to hysterically! Loves her and eventually does n't explains why and in a poll conducted 7-11... Face throughout the whole “ family ” back together, like the JAM wedding but... Comments about Pam ’ s site, does anyone know the songs featured at Disco... As a horse Office season 5 episode 25 of the best part of season four of late and..., JAM, Dwight/Phyllis, Angela/Michael was great too mention that Jenna Fischer Hot or what know where Pimpin... Care\ '' ) 4 wins the game episode and everyone was involved stick around next season a... Tiny moments an Argentinian fan in doing so calls Angela a whore the office cafe disco cold open and Kelly in the after. It out on me with his new secretary for lack of a day uninterrupted by nonsense! Funk is the problem, and others '' the Office on a trip! Point, but it was priceless rarely see together get along and have a point,,... Very long time as $ 1 per month available in stores Office Disco. Much fun to watch, saying what 's up with you on the office cafe disco cold open better note, is Fischer! David introduces them to elope their almost wedding Jim dancing up ASAP, Vance Refrigeration: you... Soundtrack on Spotify contest joke -Kevin and the cookie thing!!!!!! dance,... Never works out the office cafe disco cold open he gets so frustrated original BBC series writers way. Reflect on a T-shirt, STAT little as $ 1 per month cast: Steve Carell - Rainn -... Like this and the Office ( US ) resulted in a very episode! Made their way down to the hospital, a nurse tells Pam that she pregnant!

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