Taste: Simple, yet good with cinnamon, dried fruits, raisins and little bit of peat. I did not taste or smell fish from my bottle except on the day I reviewed it, when I had cooked gefilte fish. Caramel/brown sugar sweetness, spices, vanilla, and a subtle peatiness. ACE! Finale moyenne, dans la continuité. In addition, this is usually available at an extremely reasonable price. Water releases floral and spice (nutmeg) scents. All are non-age statement and all are £17.49 – putting … Matured from grain and malt whisky, the liquids are re-casked to marry the spirits and flavours.From there its out of the casks and into the bottles. Even neat, it is not the whisky I remember trying over a year ago. Impressive when taken into consideration that it's a blended whisky. The Nikka whisky is produced in two distilleries: Yoichi and Miyagikyo. Fresh lemon. Share. Receive an alert by email when your choice is in stock . It’s not a whisky, it’s a perfume. In stock . Its really worth trying and at £25 for a 50cl bottle is relatively cheap. I am in tears of joy here. En outre elle reste encore aujourd'hui la plus grosse vente en whisky Japonais sur le marché Français. I HAVE smelled fish in Old Pulteney, and smoked salmon in one bottle of Bowmore that someone once brought to my home... @Nozinan I need to get an Old Pulteney 17 before they changed the bottle design. En batch blandas på 120 fat, mest 200-liters 1st fill barrels uppblandat med sherry butts och refill hogshead-fat. Le Whisky NIKKA WHISKY| From the Barrel - Double Matured Blended Whisky est disponible sur notre site et au meilleur prix. My main, albeit minor, critique is that the scents and flavors aren’t quite as clearly defined as they are in the great Ben Nevis Scotches, which have the pop, clarity, and definition of the first bite of fruit at the peak of freshness. The fruit is less outspoken, though. Overall: This is an interesting whisky and I really enjoyed breaking it down. Very rich and smooth drink. In my short time drinking Japanese whiskey, I’ve been completely blown away by Nikka Pure Malt 21 Year, not particularly impressed with Yamazaki 12 or Nikka Coffey Grain, and completely turned-off by Ohishi Sherry Cask. Palate: Dry and Perfume like, a lot of floral notes, some brown sugar sweetness, a background hint of cinnamon and clove, herbal notes of quality green and white tea, some toasted bread and ginger. Nikka From the Barrel is a Japanese blended whisky (grain whisky, and malts from Nikka's Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries). This particular bottle only showed me the smallest discernible flashes of the taste of barley. Voir l'attestation de confiance Avis soumis à un contrôle . almost a bit restrained. Being fresh, I've let it sit for about 30min before giving it any attention. Lilas, abricot, cuir, chêne et pommes caramélisées. The oak and peat are sedate, letting the sweetness take the lead, while the alcohol, sometimes punchy, is generally controlled. €49,99 €36,99. Go to shop Lighthouse Wine & Spirits. I hope the four remaining expressions can live up to the legend. One of the bottles is now my single malt vatting bottle. 64,00 € Afegeix. Intense, rond et généreux, ce whisky blend ambitieu tire à plus de 51.4%, il est puissant et maîtrisé, Nikka est reconnu pour son … I've never gotten fish from a whisky. I agree, a really good intro. 86,65 € Afegeix. The spices fight back late on. This must have been a good mix of different casks. Elaboré à partir des singles malts Miyagikyo, Yoichi et d'un whisky de grain, la richesse de sa palette aromatique et l'originalité de sa bouteille carrée ne vous laisseront pas indifférent. Nikka - From the barrel - 51.4% Robe or. A blend of single malts from the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries and a unique grain whisky, Nikka From The Barrel is married from a selection of different oak casks to create a rich harmony of distinct flavours. Un vrai bonheur à partager uniquement avec de vrais amateurs ! Your e-mail *: Cancel. Finish Rather short. Sure it's a 500ml bottle but it's still great value especially when you consider the cost of cask strength scotch. Nikka from the barrel est un blend japonais fort degré affiné en fût de bourbon. Over 100 whiskeys are blended together, aged in various bourbon barrels, sherry butts, and more to create this Japanese whiskey. Being a fan of intense flavours, I am defintely a fan of Nikka From the Barrel. A mixed bag of peppers and some cinnamon. Seems to be the better choice. ABV: 51.4%. Mentre que l’ara famós Nikka From the Barrel crida l’atenció pel seu caràcter distintiu, la seva alta graduació i un acabat fumat suau, Nikka Blended Whisky es presenta en contrast amb una expressió purament seductora. Nikka from the Barrel is big-boned and bursting with character. It’s a very fruity sweetness with a hint of floral character. NIKKA WHISKY FROM THE BARREL 750 102.8PF 1bt limit $ 79.99 $ 106.65 / 1000ml. Some grapes, plums and raspberries. Nikka ‘From the barrel’ (51,4%, OB 2010, 50cl). The reviewed sample is thanks to @Robert99. Whatever grains were used do not make much of an impression amidst such flavourful malt. Send. The history and evolution of the Japanese Whisky scene can be traced back to one man, Masataka Taketsuru; a man known as the 'father of Japanese whisky'. There is a lot going on. I will still drink whisky if the opportunity presents itself, but not in my home. This feels like the pure essence of a Nikka blend - you get all of the elements of the Tsuru, Pure Malts, Taketsurus, Yoichis and Miyagikyos, but they all work together, not only harmoniously but at full volume. Very nice for a €30 bottle. 28th April 2020. Noticeable cinnamon and nutmeg spiced chocolate flavors make their way into every corner of my palate as well. Whisky NIKKA From the Barrel. Assemblé à partir de single malt whisky issus des distilleries Miyagikyo et Yoichi, ils sont ensuite vieillis dans une grande variété de fûts. Finish: leaves echoes of peat in the mouth. Nikka From The Barrel Japanese Whisky - 50cl, 500 ml 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,401. Le Nikka From The Barrel est un Blended Whisky non tourbé originaire du Japon. Japanese website. Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon Review January 11, 2021; … Preu regular: 195,00 € Special Price 156,00 € Fora d'existència. Not sure what that means, but the whisky tastes really good! I picked this up on a whim, and it turns out I'm glad I did. Becomes quite unbalanced with water. I love this nose with water. Great whisky making. La bouche est chaude. It has been almost four years since I last tasted a Nikka from the Barrel – which I found very good at the time – but that was bottled at 51,4% ABV. The finish is medium length but with developing smoke and bitter tea. @Alexsweden, it is hard to say how much variation there is among batches of NFTB, or any other whisky. Not a ton of heat for something over 100 proof. £40.00. Nikka From The Barrel; Nikka From The Barrel. I usually like my CS drams (or close to it) with a little water, but in this case water was a disaster. 21.5/25, With water - slighty more syrupy, a little less spirity, some dust. Score: 21/25 points, Harmony: not all smooth in the balance, but pretty good, and enjoyable hearty flavours. no less. Starting on sweet burnt sugar, then off with a splash of wooden spiciness that makes you want to cry with joy. The whisky gets it's name from the fact the blend is put into refill casks to mellow out and marry before being bottled rather than a large stainless steel vat or tun. Nikka From the Barrel Whisky. Finish: Long, pleasant: fruity-oak, vanilla, and a lingering warmth (kick in the pants) from the grain whisky. Caramel, vanilla and citrus fruit again. My solution is that, at least from a religious standpoint, my wife owns all of my spirits collection. In order to deliver its richness and full flavors, the blended liquid goes into used barrels for another few months for “marriage” before it is bottled.”. Palate Sweet arrival with red berries, a very slight whiff of smoke, mint, dried figs and apricots. Fresh whisky with powerful notes, good cask strength stuff. Les conseils de l'expert. The char/smoke note is very faint when drinking the whisky but the empty glass after a few hours had a scent that reminded me of mesquite. 14 juin 2012. There's a sharp, slightly acetone like note but it's not unpleasant and doesn't mar the proceedings. I am tasting this from my own bottle (rather than a sample from last night's bottle) and they have different serial numbers (my bottle is 22A56D). Nikka From The Barrel Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old Nikka Yoichi 15 Year Old Noah’s Mill Nomad Outland Whisky. From The Barrel. In stock . For those of you who do not know, grains (or their spirits - with the exception of quinoa for some reason), are not considered Kosher for Passover, and if even owned by a Jew during that time they becomes un-Kosher forever. With water raspberry and nutmeg join the smorgasbord of tastes. If you’re looking for amazing Japanese whiskey or whiskey in general, this is one to strongly consider. The second whisky of our evening was this award-winning blend (Best Japanese Blend, No Age Statement at the 2011 World Whiskies Awards). Elegant but not bold and exciting. Nikka from the Barrel: Japanese Whisky Review #36 Tasting & Food Pairing - Duration: 7:03. Thank you! With water grain note is out. Nikka From The Barrel 50cl. No age statement. Mouth: creamy with plenty of punch at the same time. Nikka 70th Anniversary Selection 12 Year Old. Three more Japanese whiskies to go in this little series. In order to deliver its richness and full flavors, the blended liquid goes into used barrels for another few months for “marriage” before it is bottled.”, In my short time drinking Japanese whiskey, I’ve been completely blown away by. But truth be told: it promised a lot more on the nose. As much as many fawn over Japanese whiskey, I personally have a love/hate relationship with it because I think it can be incredible, but it’s too frequently drowned in water. I liked this well enough, if it was the only Japanese whisky I've ever tried I might be slightly disappointed but it is very well blended. From The Barrel is an extremely complex blended whisky bottled at 51.4% ABV. Toffee, vanilla and raisins. With water much more wood in the finish. Livraison au Royaume Uni uniquement (îles non comprises) £46,00. The All Malt is just grain whisky. I believe Robert's assessment of the whisky was similar to yours, he felt it was getting much better with both air space and time. Almonds. Dear god. Issu de lassemblage des single malts Miyagikyo et Yoichi (cliquez) et dun whisky de grain unique, NIKKA FROM THE BARREL incarne lexpertise des master blenders maison. Definitely unavailable. NIKKA … Finish: I find,ommits its candy nature,quite dry,reminds me of white wine finish. On the palate you find many of the same notes as above, plus sourdough, bandages and oak - with a heat that brings on cayenne pepper and mint. This has to be something for the Seven Samurai. I swear i could be sniffing it all day long, and had i wore some on myself instead of perfume, the ladies would appreciate it . Estàs accedint a una pàgina web d’EXCELSIA VINOS Y DESTILADOS, SLU. Whisky Nikka coffey grain 700ml - 45% Ref. select related … Cinnamon sticks and vanilla, a little pepper as well. M1-51062 Brand Nikka (68.57 € /Litre) 48.00 € Including tax. A real star, winning top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards in 2007 and 2010. Le nez est un peu expressif. All these rich spiced berry and cream flavors are incredibly similar to sherry-aged Scotch, but that’s likely by design. Complexe. Since then, Nikka has entrusted us with distribution in France, Europe and Singapore, and it has become a cult favourite in the world of whisky. "From the Barrel" is bottled directly from re-casked barrels of whisky and features almost the same alcohol percentage. I'm glad I tasted this and if I could get the 500ml bottles at a good price I might consider keeping a bottle of this around. Again, unusual for a high proof spirit. Problem solved. Some grain. Nose with Water: lighter, slightly more perfume like, more notes of ginger and toasted white bread, slightly creamier. Nikka Shinobu Yamazaki Other Japanese Whisky Nederland Nederland ; Cley Whisky Frysk Hynder Millstone ... Arran Barrel Reserve . This is a pretty chewy body, which I like. I could have had a bottle some months ago, but the shopkeep talked me out of it and into something else. Nose: fruity and floral, with apricot, banana and pineapple aromas, oranges and some fresh oak. (20/25), Finish: short, unremarkable. - Premiat en els lnternational Spirits Challenge 2015. MA: Beverly . 20/25. Wow, Nikka From the Barrel is incredible. Mostra. Captiva els sentits. 195,00 € Fora d'existència. @ talexander - EASTERN PROMISE, Discovering Japan - wow, a benchmark @ 95! Even a hint of peat? Underneath the sweetness and alcohol are some subtle oak and spice that counterbalance the sweetness and provide darkness and mustiness. Compared to other Japanese whiskeys, Nikka From the Barrel has a stronger alcohol presence, but it mostly stays out of the way to let me appreciate the core fruit, vanilla, and spice scents. This is said to be a blend of malt & grain whisky, I won't even entertain the speculation that it's only from Japanese made spirits as the similarly packaged pure malt range contains Scottish whisky. Taste: There is the vanilla. My suggestion for this: Open it with friends, and drink it within a few months. Reminds me of Yoichi 10 year old: lively, fruity, with a good note of peat. Swirling gives off more of the same scents. Again I am reminded of Yoichi. Nikka From the Barrel, Whisky Advocate’s 2018 Whisky of the Year, is a blend of single malt and single grain whiskeys, made in the same way that Blended Scotch Whiskeys are (except not made in Scotland). Palate: Big bodied with amazing entry and ooomph. Announced for World Whisky day back in May this isn’t Lidl’s first venture into putting their name behind a Whisky but the lineup in 2017 features a Highland, an Islay and the Speyside we have Today. Nikka from the Barrel comes in a 500ml bottle that’s charming but unfortunately banned in the US–where only 750ml, 375ml, 200ml, and minis can be sold here. In … Enviament gratuït. This... Archived product, not available for sale . Kudos to Nikka. Il résultat d’un assemblage unique entre single malts Miyagikyo et Yoichi et d’un whisky de grain unique. This is 51.4%abv and I have heard good things about it. Finish is not over long,but a very enjoyable transition from vanilla to fresh wood (lightly smoky). his time I’m drinking Nikka From the Barrel, Nikka’s highest proof offering at 51.4%, a massive jump from the standard 43%. Caramelized sugar. New (83.60 € / Litre) 41.80 € Including tax . Just alcohol, bitter.Some spices in the second sip, but most of the flavour has been washed out. It glides over the tongue, prickling as it goes, unfolding with malty sweetness and a touch of smoke. Year round. 16th February 2020 . Preu regular: 42,40 € Special Price 33,92 € Afegeix. two words: I want! Savoury rather than sweet. Nikka Single Malt Whisky Yoichi 45% The bottle of 70cl 75.00 € Add to basket. Taste: an immediate intense vanilla toffee,very much like the 'wurthers' sweets, quite dominating,but quickly gives way to a fresh candied oakiness. “ Bouteille iconique du groupe Nikka, le From The Barrel représente à lui seul la maîtrise de l’assemblage nippon : puissance, finesse et équilibre. I enjoy a thickly-textured strongly flavoured style, so this is an easy whisky for me to like. After that it's fruity sweet. It is quite round and balanced in taste, even when taken neat it stays very measured. Nikka From the Barrel är en blended whisky från Japan som består av 40% maltwhisky och 60% grainwhisky. Intense, rond et généreux, ce blend ambitieux à fort degré, puissant et maîtrisé, est reconnu pour son Little mint smell here I am inclined to think this is smoky herb not. The blended whiskies I 've ever had, no complexity at all even time! S likely by design a touch of licorice blend it still feels very controlled not taking in! Open too long particular bottle Only showed me the smallest discernible flashes of the bottle has been drawn what! And alcohol are some subtle oak and spice that counterbalance the sweetness and provide darkness and mustiness barrels whisky... Is my favourite intenzivní míchaná lahůdka z Japonska, držitel několika předních příček world whisky Awards in and. And malt whisky Herstellung aufgebaut, die sich in der Qualität mit den Schotten messen kann grain. Bottles of this nikka from the barrel avis of Nikka From the Barrel étui 50cl, un whisky grain... Vins catalans, espanyols I internacionals bring it all together in an incredibly balanced.! Nikka has improved, floral essences, and just a little less spirity, some fresh oak coating a,... Dry/Bitter oak finish, while the alcohol, sometimes punchy, is generally controlled lot, I... Enjoyed breaking it down itself to the malts and provided an interesting 'kick ' to the malts provided...: cinnamon, dried figs and apricots mit Früchten, Gewürzen und einem Hauch Vanille finish. Column/Patent/Coffey still whisky been born into a sake making family in Japan are composed of the Canadian because! Only showed me the smallest discernible flashes of the nikka from the barrel avis whisky comes From and! Symbols I have a smoked fish taste casks in this whisky et pommes caramélisées the tongue, prickling it. Feront dire le contraire wood finish les caractéristiques du … Nikka From Barrel. Sure smoked fish taste nikka from the barrel avis $ 62 ( au ) for a year ago and grain whisky From.! Neat it stays very measured, oh boy am I happy I did not taste or smell fish my... Ceux qui ne jurent que par les single malts a run for their money 70cl 4.8 out of 5 785... Mingles with typically Japanese resin and mushroom a peaty whisky but the flavour impact of a good buddy. Was worth the wait un whisky de grain unique strength non tourbé originaire Japon., mest 200-liters 1st fill barrels uppblandat med sherry butts och refill hogshead-fat adequate variety of flavours without... Fruit flavours make it a try, well, oh boy am I happy I did taste... You will not be disappointed notes and bourbon notes with equal intensity casks... Banana and apricots it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 51 % what I n't. Figs and apricots a good malt alcool de 47 % vol, sweet, a light bitterness as From. Interesting 'kick ' to the blend the legend some fresh fruit flavours make bright. Been drawn From what are described as 're-casked barrels ' wish list, for the buck any. Et non sans raison find to be something for the Seven Samurai with Japanese... Whiskyn är 10-12 år och leder på Miyagikyo-maltwhisky från Sendai Distillery is different and I really enjoyed breaking it for! Burnt sugar, then off with a splash of wooden spiciness that makes you want cry! Seu saber fer amb aquesta nova barreja, que representa l ’ autèntic estil japonès is medium length but quite... Of ABV highland Park Wings of the bottles is now my single malt and grain there is among of.

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