Design conventions aside, remember that most residential roofs in the United States consist of one-dimensional asphalt shingles. Our composite cedar shake roof tile comes in any color! Account & Lists ... CEDAR Shake Shingle Wooden Roofing Craft Supplies for Buildings, Kits, Bird House, Scrap Booking, Doll Houses/Approximately 300 pc. A wood shake is identified by its thick butt end and almost “natural” cut, sometimes featuring a rough exterior. Image source: Dow’s Eastern White Cedar Shingles & Shakes. Are you considering a slate roof for your home? Apart from flames, one of the greatest threats to a wooden roof is moisture – a breeding ground for moss, mold, and mildew. Moisture tends to accumulate in the cool shady areas of a roof. Shakes, being split, follow the grain … Hand split and resawn, the other method of manufacturing shakes, involves sawing only the backside and leaving the outward-facing wood split along the grain. Image source: ReadySanDiego. First, follow your budget. However, as with any big-ticket renovation, we think you should consider the limitations of wood as a layer of protection for your homes and weigh your options. Right off the bat, wooden shingles and wooden shakes look different and therefore suit different homes better. In Northwest U.S. regions, locally sourced Redwood can prove a worthwhile option for its superior strength over cedar roofing materials. Handsplit and resawn shakes have the split face exposed with a naturally rustic appearance, and are sawn on the back. … Due to the thickness (and extra protection) of a shake, they are … Even if your locality permits wood roofing and you are eager and willing to perform necessary care for your shakes or shingles, your insurance company might raise your premiums, limit coverage, or exclude coverage of wooden roofs because of fire risk and maintenance needs. To reduce the natural flammability of wood products, cedar product manufacturers provide shakes and shingles impregnated with fire-retardant polymers. Unlike shingles, however, the naturally rough grain remains, which creates shadow lines and retains the textured quality of wood. Wood shingles are totally natural – they’re usually made from cedar, redwood, and southern pine trees. Our buyer's guide will help determine what type of slate roof is right for you. If shakes still lie on the table after assessing how much you want to spend, consult your home’s architectural design and the surrounding environment to make sure you pick the correct style. Wood shakes are hand-split, giving them a more rustic appeal. Available in 16" or 18" or 24" lengths. Image source: Sandura Tropical Shingles. As there are more opportunities for installation to go wrong with a wooden shake roof, the competence of the installer plays a larger role in performance over shingles. Like shingles, wooden shakes can also be sawn on both sides to give them uniform, easy-to-work-with dimensions. Arguably no roofing material brings out more emotions than wood. Shop wood siding shingles and a variety of building supplies products online at In turn, you should cut trees and overhanging branches to allow the sun to evenly dry your roof, which prevents warping. Follow this step by step guide today! A split and resawn shake has a split face and sawn back. Technical: "Installation, Care, and Maintenance of Wood Shake and Shingle Roofs" is a good technical introduction to wood shakes and shingles. Beautiful, Sustainable Wood Roofing addition, wood shakes and shingles are typically made from western red cedar which possesses the low ignition temperature of 378°F. A taper sawn shake … Long ago, a wood roof shingle was sawn from a block of wood, while a wood shake roof was split off with a sharp blade or mallet. Most have Class F Wind Rating and can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 110 mph. Wood shake and shingles are also resistant to strong winds and are durable heavy rains, hailstorms, snowstorms and other types of severe storms. For these reasons, we recommend a wood shingle roof. While not as practical as modern asphalt shingles, there is no denying the appeal of a wood roof on a traditional or historical-style house. It can curl, crack or split. You can expect to pay more for higher quality cuts, with edge grain costing the most. For an average 1,700 square foot roof, a full cedar shingle roof will run you anywhere from $9,911 to $16,592. Wood shake roofs are also energy efficient, providing a natural insulation up to two times that of asphalt shingles. Whether a new or centuries old property, many buildings can benefit from the beauty of cedar roofing shingles or shakes. Manufacturing. Keep in mind that wood can only receive one treatment or the other. Not only will these unsightly growths tarnish the appearance of your roof, but they rot the wood. Curling or cupping: This occurs when a shingle or shake curls upward or looks distorted. In comparing shingles and shakes, we can only focus on what separates them in every case by definition – thickness. Edward Enterprises. A steep-sloped multi-story home with penetrations like chimneys and skylights will warrant a more expensive bill than a basic one-story home. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. untreated wood shakes and shingles, the house is injeopardy of igniting and burning. Consequently, the untreated wood shake and shingle cedar shake shingles. Brava composite shake roof costs are going to be comparable to their natural counterpart, but in the long run, you will save money by installing a synthetic roofing product. Wood shake shingles … Wooden shakes require felt interlayment between each row of shakes. 5. Durable composite roof shingles arguably improve upon the traditional slate and wood shake shingles they are engineered to mimic. Class A, the highest rating available, requires a fire-retardant underlayment in combination with Class B rated product. Today, shingles are now machine-made and shakes made by hand with power equipment. Miller Shingle MasterCut Round Decorative Cedar Shingles 104 … When properly maintained, cedar shingles can last beyond 30 years, while cedar shakes can last anywhere from 40 to 50 years. Over time, traditional wood shake shingles take a beating from the sun’s UV rays and become weathered. Wooden shakes, on the other hand, have thicker butt ends and do not cleanly sit next to and on top of each other because of their uneven surfaces. IKO shingles: pros, cons, and are they worth buying, Dow’s Eastern White Cedar Shingles & Shakes, California’s very high fire hazard severity zones, Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks, one of the greatest threats to a wooden roof is moisture. Tapersawn wood shakes are sawn on both sides for a semi-textured … Continue reading "Wood Shake" Los Angeles, on the other hand, bans wood roofing altogether without approval as even Class A rated wood poses a fire risk.

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