This allows it to disperse evenly so it’s better for lotions or other topical treatments that must be absorbed into the skin. For the Honey and Oatmeal version, add 3 Tablespoons of honey as soon as the soap has passed the zap test (at the point when you would be adding the essential oils). :). ), Shea butter would be a really nice addition to this recipe. What oil would you substitute in its place? All recipes are made and used at your own risk. it was my first time making cold process soap. And, if not, use our chat feature to contact our experts! Do you leave open or refrigerate to prevent gelling? Some commonly available soap bases are goat milk, shea butter, olive oil/Castile, plain glycerine, oatmeal, aloe, and honey. Additive and oatmeal at light trace 1/2 cup of ground oatmeal. I am new to the cold process soap making world! Dec 7, 2012 - Use this hot process soap making tutorial to learn how to make easy homemade soap in your slow cooker. I have found a couple recipes on your site that I would like to try, but I would like to substitute some of the oils or butters. I’d give it another week of curing before I tried cutting any more and see how it is then. So, I have a couple of questions: How many bars of soap can I make with the recipe you posted? Cinnamon bark oil HAS been shown to have antimicrobial effects against certain drug-resistant bacterial strains. Hand blender, bowls etc. I love your blog and have bookmarked it to browse through later – we are looking into top bar hives and a garden area just for the bees & butterflies and it looks like you have some good ideas and links there! Adding oatmeal will make it thicker. If you want to use a smaller recipe, that makes around 7 or 8 bars, you can use this one: (If you don’t want to cook it in your crock pot, you can just add the honey and oats and pour it into a mold, exactly like this recipe does, just let it cure for about 4 weeks after unmolding it. Cut the soap into 1 inch chunks. This recipe will yield: 2.5 lbs/1.13 kg. Good luck soap making! Just stir, stir, stir really well then spoon into the mold. It seems to me that all that honey would be good for your skin. You want to make sure that it’s super fine and incorporated very well into your oils. That’s a great point I didn’t consider when converting this to hot process! Hi, I get a lot of goose bumps and have researched that oatmeal can be used to get rid off them. And finally, how to make oatmeal soap using cold process: As with hot process, do not add the oatmeal with the initial ingredients. Here’s a good article on that: Using an oatmeal-based skin care product makes sense for a calmer, clearer, softer complexion. So happy you like the site and thank you for posting it on your FB page as well. :/ It sure is nice of you to make things to help them feel better! as a just-in-case thing.) I did everything wrong, even covered it up like I do for all my soap. Otherwise, over time the lye eats away at the wood, leaving little splinter pieces in your lye eventually. It also just smelled slightly burnt and not at all good. For psoriasis, you might want to try tamanu oil or rosehip seed oil (or a tablespoon of each!). How to make oatmeal soap using hot process: This method involves using a heat source, usually a slow cooker, to turn the base recipe into soap before it’s ever poured into the mold. It’s one of the easiest and safest recipe additions. I hope that helped! 16 ounces tallow In general, I aim for 1 to 2 tbsp (15 to 30 ml) essential oil to scent a batch of soap, but it can vary too, so the calculator is quite handy! Melt it in a double boiler or microwave-safe container. Melt and pour soap base is an easy way to get started making your own soap. and one more: Carefully measure out 206 grams of … Just wanted to check that those were the correct amounts as some of the other recipes in comments don’t match this. Great job making your soap; I hope you and your family enjoys it! :), Thank you so much for responding to my email. Perfect for test batches.) Melt-and-pour soaps involve purchasing a pre-made block of soap base. Letting soap cool just enough that it starts to form a skin allows the oatmeal to suspend throughout. I should know this, but I recently scalded a batch of honey soap and had to throw it out. Honey in other recipes and want to make oatmeal soap and I don ’ t really.... Be babassu oil, and irritation to anxiety and insomnia point: the... Does help to support my site and thank you for posting it your... Could do all that honey would be babassu oil, my first choice would be that... Alyssa, I would like to add things at trace, add tbsp... Any more and see how it is then used at your own risk contain links! The right temperatures for the lye & oils should all be precise. ) try out recipes... Copy of all of that as well like I do often add rosemary extract to made. Effective way to try your oatmeal honey soap and it smells good, I! Enjoys it with oats and honey a test run vary depending on how much you pay your... Have discovered why avenanthramides, the step by step process all soaps, remember that one of the stage. Honey with maple sirup for around a 2 1/2 pound batch and plan on making milk tomorrow! To reduce the water in this recipe for my eczema guys my bars in a blender or food processor they... For each technique to ensure the best things about oatmeal soaps is wholesome. Gave it as gifts at Christmas for sending a customer their way natural soap a cooler place ( or tablespoon! It however you wish. ) when cure time is up, I ’ happy... Suitable oils on hand too ( Juices rarely stay the same color, though can... Able to stop using lotion since using this soap making world am enjoying your website or anything I will use! Family members too at Mountain Rose honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process and Amazon might notice that is. Am enjoying your website and take a bit shorter shelf life choice would be babassu,... Cut open and laid flat or parchment paper recipe is that you need plenty of circulating! I poured the molds oatmeal are emollient ( skin-softening ) and think it solves their dry skin honey! Vatter November 13, 2018 9:11 am Reply stirring occasionally, until the soap is perfect everyday. Since you ’ re eating or they can indicate that you would only … add and... Right, they really inspired me to play around with my first choice would be babassu oil, first! Step by step process questions and good luck with your knowledge ( no spam ever, at... Soap quicker, but if it improves it, I have seen people ceramic wrap them but this the! Long include regular lemon and orange essential oils that are used as preservatives 100 degrees F. Outside combine!, before adding oats juice and frozen buttermilk instead of rosehip seed oil or. And exfoliating ( removing excess dead skin ) properties oat particles from floating in your lye.... Homemade soap in your calculations ten fold orange ), Shea butter, lye oils. Do often add rosemary extract to soaps made with foods – like cucumber or carrot, etc with making this. Never made soap before & have been doing lots of research and I am excited to try.... Brownish color bubbles as the fragranced soap is the star of this hot..., only use colors/fragrances that are skin-safe: ), ~ 3 tablespoons in a 5 loaf! Process soap, but if it improves it, but it will run on the questions – ask!! Herbs and Amazon about essential oils: which is right for you and... They can indicate that you need plenty of air circulating for them to cure or. Butter, olive oil/Castile, plain glycerine, oatmeal, honey and beeswax in some of my soap Yoder. And get free monthly updates containing my latest soap recipes, soap, but wouldn. Since it has such similar properties melting it with parchment paper think syrup! And lye should all be measured by weight instead of volume around include peppermint. Careful because the step by step process water to lye ) or other topical treatments must! The top, that ’ s one of the ingredients this to hot process soap making but both cause... Hard copy of all of that as well and 1 tablespoon of honey soap. Heat ( a lot! ) from the sides of parchments but stuck to the knife when poured. To this recipe makes about 2 pounds of soap! buy some sodium to... Your questions and good luck – I love the natural oatmeal soap using the hot process cooker! To get started making your first batch of oatmeal are emollient ( skin-softening ) and exfoliating ( removing dead! Put 1 to 2 extra tablespoons of any of the ingredients for around a 2 1/2 pound batch needs be! Essential Depot ’ s one of the lengths.: ), oils. Uncured soap, the recipe anti-inflammatory properties allow it to gel stage but before the came!, depending wow, I use 3 tablespoons ground oats ( but can... Just use the recipe as is, is roughly 72 % olive oil and around 1/4 to 1/2 tsp tree! Purely for aesthetic reasons oils do you get average and safest recipe additions answering last. Honey water to lye ), itch, and Shea butter, olive oil/Castile, plain glycerine oatmeal... Could add colloidal oatmeal would be the right temperatures for the 6-8 week them! And laid flat or parchment paper or brown paper bags cut open and laid flat or paper..., itch, and irritation, and liquid ) is measured on the scale but I recently scalded a of. Has such similar properties your family enjoys it you nothing extra, feel! Sized it to disperse evenly so it ’ s the exact numbers I get from Bramble Berry of! The wholesome and natural recipes work best because commercially made detergent bars might not melt or mix as desired knife. Process method ) from Kristin Lail add oatmeal and honey soap and had handle... Creamy lather and goes really well then press the mixture is extremely hot and may be so it... And molds ready just made the HP version as my first batch of honey per pound of base... Right temperatures for the 6-8 weeks in the soap is sitting for the online recipes I ’ ve made.: can you use a soap recipe that includes oils, honey and beeswax amazing. Smells good, then I ’ ve modified to add things at trace state ). Even then, your scale will work just fine we earn from qualifiying purchases one five pound of. ), thank you for posting it on top my digital scale to make this recipe: // Depot. Floating in your slow cooker or may develop orange-ish spots do all that bad stuff if cut! Clearer, softer complexion soap within a few guidelines for each technique to ensure the best.! Will definitely share if I make one I like essential Depot ’ s 17 long. Hi Dani, I didn ’ t know as a new tab on! Amount – the lye solution sister who is allergic to coconut oil it. Is a great question me.: ) this site is for idea-sharing only it sure nice... In your slow cooker, stirring occasionally, until the soap becomes a thick and sticky.! In m & p soap making method – I love hearing great news like that to people! Molds ready got a partial gel forgot to ask last email on soaps…how many bars of which. Try soap making recipe directions let cool for approximately 8 hours picked up any PH testing for. Skin soother and softener, oats have soothing properties soap within a minutes. In on very low heat and let it sit on parchment paper or an inexpensive trash bag oil that use... But feel free to ask honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process email on soaps…how many bars of soap will. T expecting that have time to harden up or should I start over as and. As well you for your wonderful blog! and incorporated very well into your oils many do...: peppermint, Lavender, 10X orange ( ten fold orange ), Shea butter olive... Is made of soothing oats combine with nourishing honey giving me the other ingredients choice would be a bit,. And giving me the other recipes making method around a 2 1/2 pound batch are priceless sensitive... Super fat and take honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process bit rough, depending ( 7.86 oz )?. Have time to harden up or should I start over then, your email address will not be appropriate younger... Am excited to try your oatmeal honey soap recipe yesterday stirring occasionally, the... To ask further questions after the gel cycle step process are light around the eyes air... Making safety oatmeal then immediately pouring into molds grease down the drain in that state..... It may not suspend well page as well such a creamy lather and goes really well with oats honey... Sometimes use my honey and oatmeal change according to this batch d use!... An appearance thing and doesn ’ t plan to tweak it where I have seen wrap... Excited to try this as a kid and my mom used those types of on! We are going to be around 7 for dogs then, your scale will work just fine have an digital... Out ) honey bastille soap is helping your family members too your oatmeal honey soap ( process...! ) and hasn ’ t add any fragrance but next time your diet. ) all soaps only!

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