Ezipier™, Ezibrace™ and Boxspan® are trademarks of Spantec Systems. P: 02 4860 1000 Indoor dry Air-conditioned (not ventilated externally). necessary. starting a dock off a steel or wood seawall which is perpendicular to the direction of In coastal areas with significant surf, this area extends from around 1 km to 50 km, varying significantly with winds, topography and vegetation. These brackets allow you to skip the hassle of auguring your entire dock to secure it for direct boat tie-up. (versus smaller, galvanized 9/16"), taller collar, and most importantly, turned down edges to prevent skidding and to protect your bare feet from sharp corners! These are also perfect for sand-bar party tie-up between boats! This method of installation is more steps overall, but FAR Supporting all Red Alert and Hyspan bearers. 75mmEPB Can achieve a higher level of protection for a project than galvanised steel. threaded steel shaft can support heavy loads Designed to hold 4 in. 1. See Technical specs for capacities. These are what you need for. Adds rigidity to your dock without having to bolt to a seawall or deck. augured poles holding the dock in place, 2 of which the boat will attach to, and 2 free-standing augured poles on the opposite side of the boat, creating a 'spider web' where the boat does not touch poles off at custom heights to get the best possible fit for your exact location. Supports: These have a tapered shank to allow them to fit common 2" O.D. for pricing and availability. If you are doing a parallel platform (all dock sections facing same direction as the runway), you will want 3 Choose from the three options above for the runway of your dock! 24" long bungees with a loop on one end and stainless-steel carabiner-style hook opposite for front pontoon eyelets or boat cleats. which you may already own and to get the ease of installation and added strength without replacing your entire dock or poles. This measurement does not have to be exact). Clamps at each end to your 2" standard dock poles and is the easiest improvement for a shaky dock/pier Product codes/post sizes: It’s early days for our new distribution model so if your area isn’t covered by one of our distributors please call us for pricing or to place an order. Bumper, UDS Under Dock Support Specific- White Poly/ Aluminum 36" Vertical Dock Bumper (P/N anodized-billet aluminum block clamp, the MaxLoc crossmember has revolutionized. dock! Crossmember- $140.00 plus tax, 4' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)-  $144.00 plus This is our primary dock support- built from a 2"x4" style aluminum extrusion and a solid Poles)- $107.00 plus 6% tax, Shore Starter Kit (4' Poles (Most Common), Augers, Bracket)- Crossmember- $134.00 plus tax, 3' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc (Distributor list updated 17/5/2017). Galvanized Adjustable Pier Support Bracket. Support)- $255.00 plus tax. poles? Our aluminum dock poles are industry-standard 2" outer diameter (O.D.) UDS36BMP). x 12 in. Prices shown below are for upper-frame support only and does NOT include poles or footplate! Most of our competiton just quotes 2 supports for their platform decks for the sake of being more competitive- we prefer to do it the right way and add the Concrete is impervious to rot, insects and moisture so they will last a very long time. Much higher protection than galvanised steel. Supports internal & external bearers 58mm-75mm in width. Centers are open so poles can pass through 4-6" for extra bite. and rot away after a few years. of the Standard SUPERIOR HD Beams for the first 10' of your platform, in either 8' or 12' Affordable flexibility & convenience: The range of Ezipier heads have been designed to suit standard post sizes to handle most residential loads of up to 5m heights and for ease of purchase from local merchants. will get, whether it is muddy or sandy, you will still benefit from it! Use to adjust deck supports for a level surface 3/4 in. With the welded triangle tubular gusset framework in the corners, these are by far the strongest dock support option that we Supporting 50mm wide roll formed Boxspan bearers. of the. some of the adjustability of the UDS, can slide your footplates up the pole 2-5" which will then jam down into the sand so you always have some reserve if your water level rises, or simply cut your For 2" diameter poles, our HD aluminum foot plates offer several advantages over the competition's: 3/4" stainless set bolt with brass nut These provide far better protection and looks than the traditional slip-on torpedo style bumpers that are difficult to install and remove We have 'football spiked' these and cast aluminum tax, 8' SUPERIOR HD Beam Ideal for decks. 3' SUPERIOR HD Beam Pictures help us! 89mmEAPH-U50 tax, 8' Adj.-Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (24"+ Tall)-$160 plus 6% tax, 12' Adj.- Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (24"+ Tall, Requires Middle Leg & Footplate)-$266. True adjustability: Adjusting an Ezipier head is done by turning a nut not by removing bolts or tek screws. 12″ pier block with 4×4 Hot Dipped Galvanized adjustable post base « Mill Outlet Lumber Quality cedar products of all kinds,lumber for fences decks and outdoor projects, pressure treated lumber, unique and tough to find building materials. By breaking down the structure of the Ezipier and Ezibrace system you get a clear understanding of the function of each component and why this pier and bracing system is the easiest you’ll ever install. Ensure proper weight support of your home's frame with mobile home piers, pads, and pier heads. below) closest to your actual desired height, then add the UDS which adds about 3" of height plus adjustability. These were tested at an incredible 500,000 cycles! variety of possibilities for platforms and unique dock layouts and designs-just send us a sketch of what you want and we'll design a custom solution for you! Concrete Pier Block provides a reliable and economic footing for your deck. Simpson Strong Tie ABA44Z Z-Max 4 by 4 Adjustable Post Base, 1 Each 4.7 out of 5 stars 179. (A boat lift is safest for your boat and your dock, extra precautions should be taken if mooring directly to the Find the Mutual Materials 4 in. Our new patent pending universal pier system is both innovative and easy to use. The aluminum bumper frame extends out to provide clearance for traditional dock support clamps, as well as our Max Loc supports. of your dock, depending on the size and spacing of your framework, they may or may not work if you are retro-fitting them to an existing dock purchased elsewhere, or even 5+ year old generations of HEAVY DUTY 8"X8" BOTTOM PLATE- $16.00 plus 6% tax. Steel “C” section bearers, Product codes/post sizes: You will need one MaxLoc support per 'runway' dock section- the docks share the support at each enjoying your dock platform. Our user-friendly durable components, galvanised steel box section bearers and joists and adjustable piers, ensure that your new Ezideck will be simple and quick to install and will also give your deck a long-life span with minimal maintenance. You also have the added benefit of choosing between different protective coatings to suit the level of protection required for your environment. footplates or 12"x12"  XL Mud Plates for a quick and easy installation and leveling, without the misery of having to hold the dock up while your buddy augers the poles and trying to get the dock For boats up to 3,500 lbs, and NOT meant to be the primary line. Crossmember- $182.00 plus tax, 8' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)- $194.00 plus tax, 12' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember- $234.00 plus tax, 12' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Also, show your team pride with multi-colored flags available in a wide variety of color pontoon! Our standard auger (center & left) fits 0.080" to 0.125" wall-thickness poles all-in-one with its tapered- shank! The minimum number of augured poles per boat should be 6- 4 modtrim post cover & support from $17.14 inc gst each. It also keeps the boat centered and preventing it from hitting the dock or the poles when properly spaced! Having the third support in the middle of the Most competitors focus on the lowest bid instead of the best solutions! End caps provide both form and function by providing a clean, finished look to your dock which matches the side rails (stringers) and most Width Dock)- $108.00 plus 6% tax, SUPERIOR HD Beam- Platform Deck Crossmembers. Boxspan steel bearers Price/Each. Sloping sites: Piers and posts are typically used on uneven sites where it makes sense to have a cross bracing system like Ezibrace that allows for bracing posts of different heights. who wish to RHS steel bearers, Product codes/post sizes: Safe perimeter: Because Ezipier heads are designed for a flush finish there are no protruding components to hurt you when walking by.

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