Your trust is our top concern. I was driving 8 inch screws when building a deck this summer. It worked like a charm, was far more powerful than I expected and I had those wheel nuts off in a few minutes and the spare securely on in a few more. The 12-volt impact driver is a versatile mighty mite. It has more than enough power for anything around the home, or at a dedicated work station. I also spotted new (or new to me) Hercules power tool accessories – drill bits, impact screwdriver bits, and masonry bits. More tools, or will they stop here? Every design aspect results from a deliberate decision. My only complaint is that I now see it is on special at 4WD Supercentre, for $49. 4 (0) *NEW* HERCULES 12V Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact 1/4" Hex By Impact USD $39.95. Related Products. has affiliate partnerships. What if Harbor Freight is seeking to produce jobsite tough tools? Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Features. The Bosch GDR18V-1400B12 18V Impact Driver is a powerful tool that will help you get your job done quickly and effectively. I’m curious. It also comes with bonus features like the LED lighting and belt clip. At only 5.05 in. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. But for the same price, which would you buy, the Dewalt or the Harbor Freight Hercules? In regard to tools, this can mean compromises in performance, durability, runtime, ergonomics, or overall quality. Hercules 12 Volt Impact Driver Review From Harbor Freight. Maximum torque output is 480Nm (250ft/lbs) which is greater than the torque settings of most wheel nuts. What strikes me as odd is that Harbor Freight is calling the Hercules a 20 Volt cordless lineup. And there’s also a Harbor Freight Hercules cordless impact driver, with max torque spec’ed at 1500 in-lbs. This light weight tool is quite easy to carry so users feel no fatigue during work. Whose product testing? Duration: 26:41. Like the other drills in the Hercules line, the Hercules Impact Driver Kit is pretty straightforward – it comes with the drill, a battery, a charger, and a carrying bag. Cheap doesn't mean good value. Maximum torque output is 480Nm (250ft/lbs) which is greater than the torque settings of most wheel nuts. The tools look good on paper. I used my Dewalt 12v drill/driver for a number of years before it died. Includes hard case and 17mm,19mm, 21mm, and 23mm impact sockets! It'll go into over current protection driving a bolt down to where you have to wait 10 seconds or pull out the battery enough to reset it, I'm not talking breakaway torque or anything, just driving screws down to what should be the max torque on this thing. There’s a Hercules cordless hammer drill as well. The DCF801 XTREME 12V MAX Brushless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. But the Milwaukee kit costs less. out of stock. Milwaukee impact driver 2656 – 20 M 18 cordless ¼ Hex is the most powerful impact driver, which has been designed to provide the best power compared to its size among other impact drivers. What I found both curious and somewhat ironic, most of the features of the Hercules drill bit set had their own trademarked branding. Reasonable price and it actually works really well. Useless. I don’t have the greatest impression of Harbor Freight, especially in regard to power tools. I don’t know about you but we have had a lot of flat tyres due to nails, screws and bolts on the road probably all bounced out of the back of a tradie’s ute. Views: 3000+ Watch. There’s also described as being jobsite tough. hex impact driver produces 1500 in. They say it “compares” at $179, but I think that’s a little misleading. Save money with my TOP 6 BEST LAWN MOWERS UNDER $600, 60 minute charge time for 2.5Ah battery pack. Verdict: DeWalt Price. Compact size combined with a powerful lithium-ion battery + Show More. And it comes with a larger battery pack. The Hercules 12V Impact Wrench kit contains: This impact driver has the heft and feel of a contractor-quality tool, capable of driving big fasteners without slowing down, and smaller self-tapping screws in metal studs. Variable speed feature enhances the use of this tool and it can be easily used for a variety of fastening applications like it can be used for dry walls, fencing, decking etc. Instead of (2) 1.5Ah batteries that come with that kit, this Hercules drill comes with a single 2.5Ah battery pack. Maybe the battery packs are even physically compatible? (4:37) – Best 12V Impact Driver: Milwaukee M12 2553 – Highest fastening torque and speed, shortest traditional 12V tool, 3 speeds and drilling mode, (5:58) – Best DIY Impact Driver: Hercules 20V Max – Highest speed under load (feels like a DeWalt DC825), only has as 90 day warranty, ... DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver and Impact By DeWALT USD $104.30. 12v 3/8 in. Not 20V Max? This is a cordless impact driver so it can be carried anywhere without any trouble. I don’t know about you but we have had a lot of flat tyres due to nails, screws and bolts on the road probably all bounced out of the back of a tradie’s ute.I looked around for a portable impact wrench and found this one at 4WD Supercentre. It works well, it all fits into a sturdy plastic case and I now wouldn’t go anywhere without one. But something else is holding me back from getting excited. * The 2-speed 4 pole motor produces 0-400/0-1500 RPM for effortless drilling and fastening. So were they designed to do similar work for less money? The Hercules drill kit, according to Harbor Freight specs, is a little faster and more powerful. It’s said to be a little more powerful, and also comes with a 2.5Ah-rated battery compared to Dewalt’s 1.5Ah. It actually beats the Harbor Freight 20V Hercules drill kit on price too; the Dewalt kit is $99 with (2) battery packs. It can be powered from a 12V cig socket or direct from a 12V battery. I’m also seeing legendary performance being thrown around for both the tools and new Hercules power tool accessories. Many 4WD wheel nuts need an impacting action to undo them – that’s where the Hercules Impact Wrench comes in handy! As an aside, I’d consider Dewalt’s newer mass market-aimed DCD777, a compact brushless kit to be a more neutral comparison. What about Milwaukee’s seasonal bargain 2606-21L kit? (D) The impact driver has a great chuck - just slide the bit in without having to move the collar (very cool), and moving the collar forward ejects the bit - one hand operation for inserting and removing the bit. , it wasn’t long before we had another flat tyre (again on the wife’s car) but this time I had the Hercules. Power Tools Tips and Reviews is considered to be a reliable place to search products and provide a suggestion where to buy best selling Power Tools at a lower price than you would domestically. of torque and 0-3200 IPM to handle a wide range of fastening applications including work on … A Step by step guide on how to Choose a Lawn Tractor? It can be powered from a 12V cig socket or direct from a 12V battery. Tried it out when it arrived and it worked good. This product exhibits some prominent features like LED lights, which keep your workspace illuminated. This set includes the Impact Wrench, two 12V batteries, a charger, and soft-shell case. "The jobsite tough 20V Hercules® cordless compact 1/4 in. The Hercules 12v Impact wrench uses a specially developed centrifugal two way clutch system. Tested mine and worked great on 2 wheel nuts. There’s the BlueBraid titanium coating, StarterPoint tips, and Tri-Flat shanks. It is priced just right, contains all the features and benefits to make working with it more relaxed and at the end of the day gets the work done. The handle is thinner than heavier duty 20v tools, so it is a great option for those with smaller hands and arthritis. You’ll be able to work without pause thanks to this incredible tool. Seriously, though, using a 12Ah FlexVolt battery in an impact driver is pretty ridiculous. The Bosch PS82-02 operates on Bosch’s 12V battery platform. Unreliable and a piece of junk. Toggle navigation Psychiatric Consultants & Therapists Providing Confidential Professional Help (414) 224-3737 I bet they’re not going to draw any comparisons with Dewalt’s DCF885C1 impact driver kit, which is still at its seasonal price of $99 at Amazon. But Harbor Freight’s new Hercules cordless tools say all the right things, on paper. This cordless Impact Driver is ideal for precision fastening applications. They once asked about our review process, and I gave them the usual spiel, about how we test tools objectively and fairly and won’t accept money, and never heard back. After a nasty experience with a flat tyre on my wife’s car where the wheel nuts were so tight I broke the manufacturer provide wrench trying to get them loose (and then had to call the NRMA) I decided a better solution was needed. The jobsite tough 20V Hercules® cordless compact 1/4 in. Discover which Hercules cordless drill is best. It’s hard to take these tools seriously, first given Harbor Freight’s reputation of cheap throwaway tools, but second because these look to be heavily copied designs. The new cordless drill is said to be on-par with Dewalt’s older DCD780 model. Cheap garbage. Voltage often has little impact on price; some 12-volt models are pricier than their 18-volt counterparts. The battery pack looks similar enough to where it might be mistaken as Dewalt’s, and the same with the drills and impact driver, based on the shape of the handle.

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