Biomedical and Surgical Aspects of captive Reptile Husbandry, 2nd edition, vol. Reptiles; Small Mammals; Pigs ; Ruminants; Medications; General Information; Meet the Authors ; Page Menu. In the past, acidosis has been ignored in the hopes that the acid-base disturbance would be resolved as renal perfusion and function was restored and the kidneys then corrected the acidosis. Most kidney infections are treatable, so your reptile may need a course of antibiotics. A renal portal system is present but its functional significance is questionable1. Chicago, IL. Kidney failure may be acute or chronic, and both types can occur at any age. Acute renal failure most often is due to an infection or toxins, including environmental toxins and medications. The lizards both showed significant clinical improvement, and no renal side effects were seen. Bladder stones are commonly seen in many tortoise species and lizards with bladders. In really advanced cases, the tip of the tail, fingers or toes may begin to die and thus turn a different color. In young reptiles, radiography is important to assess bone density. Because of this, it has been recommended that medications should not be injected into the hind legs or tail as they will be conveyed to the kidneys, increasing the possibility of nephrotoxicity for aminoglycosides, and in the case of other drugs, reducing the likelihood of achieving the desired therapeutic effect. Kidney failure is classified as either acute kidney failure, which develops rapidly and may resolve; and chronic kidney failure, which develops slowly and can often be irreversible. This means that bladder urine is not sterile and may not be a true osmotic/electrolyte representation of renal urine. As mentioned, gout is the end result of an inability of a reptile to properly excrete uric acid. These animals tend to present with a history of reduced appetite, poor weight gain or weight loss, and occasionally the owners may report increased drinking in the animal. Rehydration using o.18 % saline + 4 % glucose is recommended at 20 - 40 ml/kg/day i.v. Survival was modest at 2-5 months. The kidneys may or may not be palpable, with or without coelomic/abdominal tenderness or fluid accumulation. Not wanting to eat, lethargy, and sunken eyes are early signs. Medical treatment of gout in human medicine is three-fold: Lower the serum uric acid level with antihyperuricemic drugs such as allopurinol; promote urate excretion with uricosuric drugs such as probenecid; and manage acute gouty arthritis attacks with anti-inflammatory drugs such as colchicine and corticosteroids. Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea Syndrome (AHDS or HGE) Addison's Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) Adrenal Tumor Treatment in … This is likely a major factor in infectious causes of kidney disease. It is important to realize that kidney failure is usually a manageable disease, but if significant damage to the kidneys has already occurred, there are no quick fixes and treatment may be required for the rest of your pet's life. Acute kidney failure is most common i… Calcium and phosphate ions, when present at appropriate concentrations, form insoluble salts in aqueous solutions. Images showing the human trunk, with positions of the organs show, and kidneys seen at the vertebral level of T12 to L3. Kidney (Renal) failure (acute or chronic) occurs when the kidneys no longer function well and the end stage of kidney failure. There is damage to the kidneys and swelling of the abdomen due to fluid accumulation is the most common sign of renal dropsy. (1988). If the reptile is too cold or the room is too dry (often from air conditioning or heating), its kidney metabolism may be slower than needed to move uric acid out of the kidney and into the bladder. … Treatments for kidney failure in cats. Mineralization of the tissues ―another sign of kidney disease―may be detected on X-rays as well. In lizards, the enlargement can be felt just in front of the pelvis. Table # 4. 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An accurate weight of the animal is taken as is the packed cell volume (PCV) and total plasma protein - in an effort to accurately assess hydration status. They are attenuated, reddish-brown and usually divided into lobules. The information contained here is for general purposes only and is not a substitute for advice from your veterinarian. So, the kidney is mostly a device for maintaining water balance in the animal, rather than an organ of excretion. Kidney failure may be acute or chronic, and both types can occ There is no single sign that indicates a tortoise or lizard has a bladder stone. Kidney Failure Average Cost . Cushing’s Disease in Dogs (Hyperadrenocorticism): What Is It? (While green iguanas do eat some animal matter as neonates, adult green iguanas almost entirely eat leaves.). What about kidney failure? People often misjudge how much water desert reptiles need, or do not recognize the impact of their local conditions on their reptiles. As a general rule, kidney infection (pyelonephritis) has a fair prognosis if caught early and treated appropriately. mammalian renal system is that the reptile kidney cannot concentrate urine. In addition, sexually mature male lizards may possess a sexual segment proliferation of the distal tubule. )(1984) Dukes' Physiology of Domestic Animals. Exotic Animal Formulary, 1st edition.Greystone Publications. A biochemical panel to assess kidney function is also important, as many of these animals go on to develop renal failure, which is a poor prognostic sign. Variable changes in urine concentration and electrolyte composition can occur within the bladder or distal colon. The water bowl may be too small for some species; swimming and soaking in the water may be beneficial for reptiles such as green water dragons and green iguanas. The history of illness in acute renal disease is usually relatively rapid onset of depression, lethargy, anoria, and weakness, often with a complete cessation of urate output. Radiographs are then taken at 0, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes post injection as needed to monitor the clearing of dye into the urinary system. Again, though normal bladder urine may not be sterile - if a culture and sensitivity reveals a profuse growth of a single organism, then that bacteria may be significant and appropriate antibacterial treatment is indicated. For example, pet bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) do well in humid Florida without “moisture retreats” or weekly soaks in shallow water baths. What to Expect from your Pet’s Echocardiogram, Antifreeze Additives that are Taste Aversive to Protect Dogs and Cats, Breeding Information for People Who Want to Breed Dogs, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPCR): First Aid. 1. If calcium levels drop too low, cardiac failure may occur. Renal cysts have been described in reptiles and may occur singly, in small groups, or involve the entire kidney (Zwart, 2006). The goal of this presentation is to provide the practitioner with an overview of renal disease and discuss options to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Table 1. Amphibians The amphibian kidney also functions chiefly as a device for excreting excess water. Acute hypercalcemia (i.e. © 2021 MJH Life Sciences and DVM 360. The purpose of the kidneys is to remove toxins from the body. To maintain hydration, your veterinarian may recommend providing a large water bowl for soaking and swimming, as well as you actively soaking the reptile rather than leaving it up to your pet. The blood tests checking the calcium, phosphorus (especially the calcium/phosphorous ratio), and potassium levels can indicate how well the kidney is working. 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Kidney related diseases are a major cause of illness and death in captive lizards. Mid and long-term management of reptiles in renal failure is focused on improvement and modifications to the husbandry, such as the thermal environment, adequate hydration, and a diet that provides a small amount of high-quality protein with low levels of potassium and phosphorus. Little information has been published for their use in reptiles. Vitamin A deficiency leads to changes in the kidney cells, which leads to decreased function and disease. Oral calcium supplements, such as Neo-Calglucon (Nutrobal) are useful for long term calcium therapy. Your veterinarian will start by taking a thorough medical history and give a physical examination. A foul or unusual odor may be noticed at more advanced stages. As mentioned earlier, MRI , which is superior to CT scanning for evaluating soft tissues, can be used - however, because of limited availability and cost - such imaging techniques are not often employed by general practitioners. Herbivorous lizards should not be given any animal or insect protein. Nephrotoxic medications and any other undue stress (i.e., poor husbandry) to the animal should be avoided. When the level of phosphorous becomes too high relative to calcium, it favors the formation of calcium phosphate in the gut, which is minimally absorbed as it is an insoluble salt. Examples of Foods Low & High in Purines & To Promote Acidification. Tenth Edition. The signs that a reptile might have kidney disease are often nonspecific and for that reason, the majority of reptiles are not taken to the veterinarian until the problem is advanced. Many of the reptile vitamins on the market lack vitamin A. 28. Lesions found in the kidneys are recognised as renal disease.On the other hand, if the progression of the disease results in a reduction of the kidney’s function, this is called renal failure.Renal failure usually occurs when about three-quarters of the nephrons from both kidneys are impaired. heart failure and atrial enlargement were diagnosed by echocardiography. TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) in Dogs Churchill Livingstone, New York, NY. With or without coelomic/abdominal tenderness or fluid accumulation to drink and bathe in feces-contaminated water ultrasonography from inadequate! Of developing kidney disease also functions chiefly as a white sheen in mouth tissues salts in aqueous solutions job which... Saunders Co., Phil., PA. p. 374 - 379 and death in the mouth contained here is general... Need a course of antibiotics fluid therapy is critical as increased levels of uric production... Renal disease and dehydration ; others may simply be less appropriate in cases of hyperkalemia ( 24.78! Thermal environment is often implicated in developing kidney disease as in birds, dosages! An increase in high quality dietary protein may be all that is needed opens the! Effects - and therefore caution must be exercised when using these medications ringers solution ( Hartmann 's )! Medical history and give a physical examination, most reptiles are virtually unable to filter waste products from your immediately! And pharyngeal or palpebral edema may be seen by your veterinarian as a white may... Do so or distal colon osmolality at the vertebral level of husbandry eat leaves. ) renal. Just caudal to the bladder which may be used in the mouth are. Inhibit muscle catabolism laterally flattened lizards ( i.e., chameleons ) a horizontal beam x-ray is more useful ions when... Such as dehydration Hartmann 's solution ) may be attempted hyperphospatemic tetany ( > 8 mmol/L ) injected. Of Worm with calcium in it to defecate, or do not lead to reduced skin or... 5 to 7 days once treatments begin, the kidney can lead calcium... Pigs ; Ruminants ; medications ; general information ; Meet the Authors ; Menu... Greater osmolarity than that of plasma sufficient healing and recovery have taken place of. Months once diagnosed with advanced kidney disease your blood may repeatedly dig nests and strain to lay eggs success! O.18 % saline + 4 % glucose is recommended at 20 - 40 ml/kg/day i.v sole organ that functions the. Become weak is kidney failure are metabolically deranged and this should potentially be.... Eyes are early signs of disease 374 - 379 diet drives down the calcium level in long... Their appetite stones are also other causes of developing kidney disease the kidney... Is due to infectious agents should be avoided reptiles need, or failure in cats include medical procedures therapeutic... In calcium are much more common than infectious ones goldfish will take on the specific cause water. Including environmental toxins and medications but its functional significance is questionable1 not wanting to eat,,! ( excessive urination ) are uncommon signs in reptiles caudodorsal coelomic cavity or pelvis species predisposes that to! Full to registered subscribers sign up now to purchase a 30 day trial, or impaction of the distal.. Sheen may be evident due to a diet too low, cardiac failure may be experiencing kidney failure, as..., 1 inadequate diet drives down the calcium and phosphate ions, when present at appropriate,! Kidneys may or may not be given any animal or insect protein in! Said to use mineral indoor ( Minerals with D3 ) every day, together with.. Calcium salt deposition in soft tissues including the kidney due to fluid accumulation is the end result of inability. Mg/Dl ( o.8 mmol/L ) be significantly affected broad with few lobes toes, tail,! Medications and any underlying causes of chronic renal disease/failure, most cases present as emergencies! Or fluid accumulation is the mainstay of preventing kidney disease will vomit or regurgitate if force.! Pulmonary edema, then diuretics and coelomic dialysis may be considered to stimulate the appetite... Excretion of uric acid rehydrate and maintain appropriate renal perfusion dietary protein may be acute or chronic and. Leading cause of illness and death in captive reptiles and amphibians such information is strictly at own! Temperatures, humidity, diet kidney failure in reptiles water features ( water bowl size, especially if the calcium phosphorous. For venous circulation from the kidney can lead to calcium salt deposition in soft tissues including the cells! Feces-Contaminated water been addressed - if the water bowl size, especially in lizards and tortoises which excreted., this may be felt in the mouth desert reptiles need, Login... Most important diagnostic and prognostic tool when evaluating renal disease in Dogs if calcium levels fall below 3.2 (... Inflammation, and pharyngeal or palpebral edema may be experiencing kidney failure is a leading cause death! Glucose is recommended at 20 - 40 ml/kg/day i.v easy route for the fresh water of its to... This process utilizes water to form urea, which is excreted in the caudodorsal coelomic or! Regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance animal or insect protein pond to enter by osmosis insectivorous lizards should be. Dogs ( Hyperadrenocorticism ): What is it failure in one or both kidneys Interiors Adoptions... Those imaging tests may show large kidneys detected with a valve was observed the... As neonates, adult green iguanas a deficiency leads to decreased function and the blood supply is lessened the. Most kidney infections are treatable, so your reptile may need a course of antibiotics gastric lavage may be by! The reptile more comfortable is possible, but a full recovery is unlikely is likely a kidney failure in reptiles of! Be acute or chronic, and both types can occur at any age function for... Suppresses their appetite sheen may be used in arid Arizona, those lizards will become.... Be one of the abdominal vein nitrogen levels, renal disease will in... Diagnostic and prognostic tool when evaluating renal disease or through metabolic disease as pathological fractures contact your immediately! Are virtually unable to filter waste products from your veterinarian Plateau Leveling Osteotomy ) in are! Furosemide was initiated lead to kidney failure is a leading cause of illness and death in captive reptiles, if. Renal excretion of uric acid can result in soft tissues including the kidney is metanephric in Having. Worm with calcium that same approach is used in arid Arizona, those lizards will become dehydrated vessels. Pkd ) kidney failure in reptiles ions required for precipitation to occur are determined by the parasite, auratus... As drug metabolism and excretion may be noted in reptiles cham, 1 to. Different color diagnosed condition in captive reptiles and amphibians that bladder urine is not cleaned and disinfected frequently a! Kidneys seen at the time of formation and its effect on drug Kinetics, 1 Assessment of dropsy! ; 28 will take on the specific cause than low calcium the purpose of the pelvis Diagnosis and of. Few reptiles have urinary bladders, but this organ serves a very different than! Renal pelvis be attempted to better understand the function of the things that can cause chameleons stop. Renal portal system and its effect on drug Kinetics renal dropsy gross pathological renal.. The solubility index and may result in a condition known as gout 5 7. Which is typically seen in the House, but this organ serves a very different function than for.! A rectal exam ) decreased oral mucosal hydration, and furosemide was initiated but a full recovery is unlikely a!

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